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Press Release


Cónaidhm Iascairí Breac na hÉireann

The Official National Governing Organisation

Established 1931

Press Release.

The Trout Anglers Federation of Ireland, having consulted extensively with its membership on the review of the 1959 fisheries act, have been mandated to oppose any imposition of regulations which are currently being drafted by the Minister and his Department.
TAFI will vehemently oppose on behalf of its members any attempt to impose any of the following;

A compulsory angling charge.
A register of anglers 
A National identity card
The imposition of penalty points on its members
Any attempt to alter the current status enjoyed by our member Clubs through title research.

Members should lobby their local Politicians seeking their support in preventing any attempt to have the above legislated for.

The Trout Anglers Federation of Ireland implores the Minister to recognise the invaluable contribution made by anglers and angling clubs to the local economy and the vital role they play in promoting and protecting this valuable industry.

The proposed measures would only undermine this crucial industry, worth an estimated €750 million per year, and lead to its demise.




TAFI AGM – Sunday 9th February 2014 @ 2pm – Venue: Shamrock Lodge Hotel, Athlone, Co. Roscommon   

The above Federation is holding its  AGM  and invites all people who may be interested in what is going on in the angling world. Angling clubs are been invited  to attend and get first hand information   on insurance matters  competitions Youths & Senior. Fly tying and up-to date facts on IFI details ( Inland Fisheries Ireland)


Brian Lynch Hon Sec TAFI

2013 Connaught TAFI Bank Championship

The Connaught Bank Championship took place on Lough na Leibe, Sligo recently. It is well worth noting that  Keith and his Colleagues at Lough Na Leibe looked the competitors superbly.  This enabled the competition to run smoothly and to be enjoyed and ‘fished well’ by all who participated.  A great day was had by all.

The results from the Connaught Stillwater Bank Championship are as follows :

Placings                  Competitor                   Total Fish                  Points

1st                                 Basil Shields                           10                                     3,340

2nd                                 Barry Fox                               7                                      2,380

3rd                               Mark Regan                             6                                      2,320

4th                     Conor Cunningham                            5                                       1,540

5th                            Darius Simkus                             3                                       1,120

6th                                Joe Quinn                                2                                         760

1st Sub                       Brian Hall                                  2                                         480

2nd Sub                  Eamon Gavin                                1                                          380

3rd Sub               Robert Flaherty                                1                                          180

2013-11-17 11.59.56-2Basil Shields the 2013 Connaught Bank Champion

TAFI Inter-Pro River Rules

TAFI Senior River Inter-Pro – Saturday 28th September 2013
Venue – River Fane, Dundalk, Co. Louth

Competitors are responsible to familiarise themselves with these rules prior to the competition and also sign their acceptance at registration.

1. Competitors must hold a current membership of their club or association (club or association must be affiliated to TAFI) and may be asked to show proof of same on the day.

2. The organising committee are not liable for any accident to any competitor or controller or any loss of property.

3. The organising committee (host club) reserve the right to alter these rules (with notification) and postpone or cancel the competition.

4. Any competitor bringing the competition into disrepute may be disqualified by the host club and may, at the discretion of T.A.F.I. be barred from competitions for a period of time.

5. Competitors are responsible for their own score cards and must ensure that they are signed by both the competitor and the controller. Unsigned score cards will not count.

6. It is the responsibility of the competitor to bring the fish to the controller. Controllers must be facilitated in every way. Please be aware that the controller controls the angler and not vice versa.

7. Competition will be held on a catch and release basis.

8. Only Brown trout to count.

9. All flies must be dressed on hooks which are barbless.

10. A maximum of three flies is permitted, which when measured eye to eye must not be less than 50cm with leader hanging freely.

11. All flies must be attached directly to the leader or to a dropper in such a way that neither they nor their droppers move or slide along the leader material. (no New Zealand Style or Dry flies with a loop).

12. Leaders may be knotted or knotless, and continuously tapered down or level. A single loop of max. 10 cm length may only be used to connect a leader to a fly line. If the leader is knotted, the minimum distance between the knots is 30 cm, hanging freely. (Indicators must be a minimum of 30cm end to end hanging freely. The following are NOT permitted. Indicators with loops, tippet rings, braided indicators or tear drop indicators,.)

13. Maximum leader length, including tippet is twice the length of the rod.

14. The maximum length of rod to be used is 12ft. Each angler may carry a maximum of two rods assembled. Responsibility for all equipment lies with the angler.

15. Floating or sinking devices may not be added to the fly line or leader.

16. Only fish hooked in the mouth area, i.e. in front of the rear edge of the gill cover, will be eligible.

17. For measuring purposes, the length will be 18cm from point the nose to the tip of the tail. Exact measurements to be recorded. (e.g. 18.2cm, 19.4cm).

18. If a competitor wishes a fish to score, he must land it in a net and pass the fish in the net to the controller for measurement and recording.

19. The controller must remove the hook, measure the fish, revive the fish and release it, taking care not to damage the fish. Under no circumstances may a competitor handle the fish. To do so will mean the disqualification of the fish.

20. In the event of the loss of a fish by a controller before measurement, the competitor will be awarded the average of the points for all valid fish taken in that sector in that session.

21. Fips Mouche scoring system will be used. 100pts per fish and 20pts per centimetre. Anglers in each sector (i.e. 1 to 20, 21-40) will be awarded place positions for that sector on this basis. In the event of a tie the angler with the most points will prevail.

22. The use of mobile phones or other electronic devices by competitors during a session is prohibited.

23. Water is fished downstream from beat number.

24. Any objection to the final result must be submitted in writing within 15 minutes of the results being announced. After this time the result is final.

Tafi Lake Inter-Pro 5th October 2013

Lake InterPro

Lake Inter Provincial Rules 2013.

1.         Each competitor has the right to be in command of the boat for an equal amount of       time. This will be decided by the toss of a coin prior to commencement of session.

Boatman Angler may however override any decision for reason of safety.

2.         Fishing is from drifting boat no anchors or drogues allowed.

3.         Competitors while fishing must be seated. A competitor may stand only while netting a fish.

4.         Registration takes place between 8-15am and 9-00 am

5.         Session 1. Fishing will be from 10-00 am to 1 -00 pm boats may leave the pier at 9.50 am and must be on the shore by1.10pm.

Session2. Fishing will be from 3-00 pm to 6 -00 pm boats may leave the pier at 2.50 pm and must be on the shore by 6.10pm. Boats not on shore line at designated times will result in both anglers being disqualified.

6.         Any Competitor found trolling flies, baits or lures, spinning or dapping will be disqualified from Competition. Shooting heads and lead core lines may not be used.

7.         A maximum of three flies only is allowed.

8.         A competitor shall have only one rod assembled for fishing. A Competitor may have spare fly rods with them but these must not be assembled or have the reel attached.

9.         No recorded measurement will be accepted from any Angler handing in less than four measurable fish, Weigh in forms must be completed in full.

10.       Loughanure Lake: All fish must measure at least 23cm.

Loch Tully: All fish must measure at least 20 cm.

The dimension is measured from the top of the nose to the fork of the tail. Any short fish presented disqualifies entire catch.

Competitors shall not keep any fish alive in any utensils in the boat

11.       Competition will be scored by placing over two sessions.  Weight of fish will determine placing in each session.

The Angler with the greater number of fish will take precedent when two or more anglers have equal weight.

12.       Only Brown Trout shall weigh in.

13.       Competitors must provide their own measure .Competitors are responsible for measuring their own catch

14.       Trophies are perpetual and only held for one year

15.       Electronic fish finders may not be used. Mobile phones must not be used in any capacity during fishing sessions. Mobile phones may only be used in case of emergency.

16.       The organising Committee reserve the absolute right to postpone alter or cancel the competition in the event of the weather being inclement or for any other reason.

17.       Life Jackets are a legal requirement and must be worn at all times.

18.       Competitor must have a current membership card of their club/association, which must be affiliated to the T.A.F.I. Competitors must produce their membership cards if requested

19.       All results will be provisional until ratified by TAFI Central Council.

20.       Any Infringements of the above rules disqualifies the competitor.

21.       The committee will not be responsible for accident or loss and all competitors fish at their own risk.


After a Competitor has achieved their four fish bag limit   Competitors can then fish catch and release all fish must meet the required size limit for the venue, Length of fish must be verified by the Competitors boat partner and all documentation regarding catch and released completed and signed by both parties.

Individual results will be scored by placing over the two sessions. Team events ie: Club and Province will be scored on combined weight of the teams over the two sessions.



Connaught Cup 2013



FIPS Mouche 12th World Youth Fly Fishing Championship

Click on Logo to bring you to the website for the World Youth Fly Fishing Championship 2013 (website under construction)

The FIPS Mouche 12th World Youth Fly Fishing Championship will be hosted by TAFI from 21st to the 26th July of this year. TAFI are the official representative of Ireland in International Trout Fly Fishing and is one of the founding members of the Federation Internationale de Peche Sportive Mouche (FIPS-Mouche) which is the fly fishing arm of CIPS the World regulating body for competitive fishing in all disciplines. CIPS fulfils the same function in fishing as the Olympic Council does in athletic sport.

TAFI organises angling competitions for youths and seniors every year across Ireland with the winners representing Ireland at the Four Nations Bank Competition (Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales), European, Commonwealth and World Fly Fishing Championships. This event is been organised and jointly hosted by the Ulster and Leinster councils and run on a cross border basis.

The hosting of this prestigious event is the result of many years of dedicated voluntary work by TAFI members, both promoting youth angling in Ireland and also sending teams to fish in the World Youth Fly Fishing Championship since they began in 1998.

Our International FIPS-Mouche Representative Denis Cronin has been lobbying other member countries and individuals over the last years and was successful in getting it awarded after Inspectors from FIPS-Mouche visited Ireland in July of 2012.

The opening ceremony is been held in Dundalk on 21st July with the Carrickdale Hotel as the championship headquarters. Official practice will be held on Monday the 22nd followed by three days of competition fishing. Venues include two river and three lakes and are spread over the five counties of Antrim, Louth, Meath, Monaghan and Tyrone.  The beautiful setting of Hillsborough Castle in County Down will host the closing ceremony on 26th and there will also be a conservation-orientated symposium on the same day.

Each country will have a team consisting of Captain, Manager, five competitors and one reserve. Ireland as the host country is allowed to enter two teams.

On behalf of the Trout Anglers Federation of Ireland, I wish the 2013 World Youth Fly-Fishing Championship anglers, their mentors and supporters, a Céad Míle Fáilte (a hundred thousand welcome) to Ireland.

TAFI Chairman

Eamonn Moore

2013 Inter-Pro Bank Championship


Bank International Irish Qualifying Rules

1. Each competitor must draw for sector pegs at registration on the morning of the competition.

2. The competition will start at 11am and finish at 4pm.

3. The lake will be divided into 5 zones, and the lake will be pegged for the approx number of competitors. Each zone will have its own official controller-score keeper, who will be responsible for measuring and recording the length of a catch. In the event of the loss of a fish by a controller before measurement, the competitor will be awarded the average of the points for all valid fish taken in that sector in that session. Each peg will be a safe distance apart.

4. After drawing your initial starting peg each competitor will move 6 pegs clockwise (if lake has 30 pegs), at the sound of a horn on the hour mark, no competitor may move pegs until the horn is sounded. A fish hooked inside a competition session is eligible if it is landed not more than two minutes after the end of the session. If a fish is hooked after the sound of the horn this fish will not count. Only fish hooked in the mouth area, i.e. in front of the rear edge of the gill cover, will be eligible. Each competitor will be aloud a maximum limit of 5 fish from any 1 peg; after the 5th fish is hooked and counted the competitor must cease fishing that peg, and remain at that peg until the session is ended by the sound of the horn.

5. Each competitor may have a total of 2 fly rods assembled with them at any given time during the competition; competitors may only use 1 of these fly rods at any given time during the competition. The fly rod must be under control of the competitor for a hooked fish to count. Any fish hooked while the rod is not under the competitor’s control will not count and be returned to the water.

6. Competitors may not swap rods or material with any other competitors during the competition.

7. If a competitor wishes a fish to score, he must land it in a net and pass the fish in the net to the controller for un-hooking, measurement recording and conformation of legal fly.

8. Any factory made floating, sinking or sink tip lines may be used, except for lead core lines. Competition fly lines must be a minimum length of twenty-two metres. Shooting heads are not allowed. Neither sinking nor floating devices may be added to fly lines.

9. Competitors may use floating or sinking artificial flies. Each fly must be dressed on a single hook, without limit as to size. The length of the dressed fly will be at the discretion of the competitor. Weighted flies are permitted, provided the weight is hidden within the dressing. A single visible bead, not more than 4 mm in its maximum dimension, is also permitted. Painting alone does not constitute dressing. A maximum of three flies is permitted which must not be closer to each other than fifty cm, measured eye to eye, hanging freely. All flies must be attached to the leader in such a way that neither they nor their droppers move or slide along the leader material. All flies must be dressed on hooks which are barbless or fully de-barbed. The controller has the right to inspect each fly for verification. Strike Indicators are allowed but must be capable of catching a fish, i.e. a single hook must be included in the dressing. The indicator must be attached to the leader and count as one of the competitors 3 flies.

10. At the end of the competition the placings will be decided on the total length of fish caught by each competitor, if 2 competitors have equal total lengths of fish the placing will be decided on the longest individual fish.



1. Maximum of 5 fish from any 1 peg.

2. Bank fishing competition, no wading but if you need to step into the water to help with netting a fish that is ok. No standing on stools.

3. If you need to leave your peg, come up to the hut and take a break but don’t stop to talk with other anglers, this goes for when you have bagged up as well.

4. Mobile phones must be kept switched off.

5. Bite indicators can be used, but it must be capable of catching a fish.

6. Any fly that is designed to be buoyant is banned on a sinking line.

7. Boobies, trout poppers, snakes and Thompson’s gazelles are banned as are any form of additive.

8. Only 2 rods are allowed to be taken to your peg.

9. No swapping rods with another angler.

10. No snatching.

11. Competitors have drawn their starting peg then move 6 pegs every hour at the sound of the whistle.

Ulster & Leinster Council AGM’s

Ulster Angling Council AGM

The Annual General meeting of the Ulster Angling Council will be held in Beedy’s Bar Main Street, Dungloe,Co Donegal, on Saturday 12th January at 1 pm. All affiliated clubs are requested to attend. Those attending should sign the roll.

Leinster Angling Council AGM

Leinster Angling Council is holding it’s Annual General Meeting on Monday 14th January 2013 at 8pm in the Town House Hotel, Naas, Co Kildare.

Your club is requested to send two delegates to represent your club at this meeting. Details of insurance and affiliation will be discussed.

I also wish to notify your club of the  T.A.F.I. Annual General Meeting, which is to be held on Sunday 10th February 2013 at 2pm in the Shamrock Lodge Hotel, Athlone.  Each affiliated club is entitled to, two voting delegated at this meeting.

Please Note:  If your club has any notice for the national AGM of T.A.F.I, please forward them in writing to Brian Lynch, Drinagh, Mountmellick, Co Laois, on or before 1st February 2013 or bring to Leinster AGM on the 14th January 2013.

Also note, any club who wish to take part in the T.A.F.I coaching, please attend Leinster AGM.


Brian Lynch,
Hon Sec.
087 9818197 or 057 8644076

Ulster & Leinster Bank Championships 2012/13

The Ulster and Leinster Bank Championships both took place over the weekend.

First up was the Ulster Bank Championship that took place in Woodford on Saturday 17th November.  The top six qualifiers and the Ulster Team to compete in the Inter-Provincial Bank Championships taking place in the new year at Woodford is as follows.

  1. Darren Haggan, 6 fish for 5,440 Points
  2. Gareth Morris, 5 fish for 4,960 Points
  3. Brian Kerr, 5 fish for 4,380 Points
  4. Huw Morris, 5 fish for 4,340 Points
  5. Harry J. McAteer, 5 fish for 4,100 Points
  6. Ciaran Mellon, 4 fish for 3,440 Points

Reserve:  Campbell Baird, 2 fish for 1,660 Points (39cm’s)

Darren Haggan – Ulster Banks Champion

Thanks to Darren Wallace of Woodford Fly Fishery for the following report:

Ulster Stillwater Bank Fly-Fishing Championship 2012/13

Kenny Ferguson with the largest trout caught in the Ulster Bank Championship

The Leinster Bank Championship took place the following day on Sunday 18th November.

The top six qualifiers and the Leinster Team is as follows:

  1. Peter Driver, 5 fish for 4,880 Points
  2. John Coughlan, 4 fish for 3,920 Points
  3. Robbie Phelan, 3 fish for 2,860 Points
  4. Alan Delaney, 3 fish for 2,820 Points
  5. Peter Begley, 3 fish for 2,740 Points
  6. Shane Callan, 3 fish for 2,700 Points

Reserve:  Stewart McGrane, 3 fish for 2,060 Points

Peter Driver – Leinster Banks Champion

Thanks to Robbie Phelan for the following report on the Leinster Bank Championship:

Leinster Stillwater Bank Championship 2012/13

Congratulations to all who qualified and best of luck in the Inter-Provincial Bank Championships.


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